New job, etc

Haven’t posted in a while…

Not in gambling anymore

The black smudge on my heart that was working in the gambling industry, ceased 4 weeks ago, and now I work at a growing ASX 200 company in the Business Intelligence team.  It’s been interesting so far.

How to find a job

The process whereby I got this job was interesting, and dimmed my view of HR company recruiters.  Some reacted personally to my non-acceptance of jobs, which I found uncomfortable, and others were a fraction pushy.  I am not into hard sells so it was difficult for me.  But I guess they are on commission and it’s their livelihood so good luck to them.

I did receive some help from them along the way.  After starting my job search in June, I sent out over 40 applications for the grand total of 1 job interview.  A good samaritan from Suncorp (whom I need to take out for coffee in gratitude), knew me through a mutual contact and caught up with me, suggesting a few tweaks to my CV…

I beefed up my statistics/analysis background, and the result was … 11 interviews at 7 companies in 7 days and 3 job offers.

The lesson is – make your CV relevant to the job you’re going for – mine was too IT focussed.  The interviews after that, seemed to be a breeze, almost to the point that I was pre-empting questions from the interviewee.  A great experience, which led to the difficult decision of “which job do I take?”.  City location, biggest salary, and being convinced by my new manager got me across the line.

So far, it’s been great.

Time Series Forecasting

Head along to this talk last night

Normally these R meetings bore me a little bit (too much coding, too little statistical analysis), but this one was really good.  Rob Hyndman is a great lecturer at Monash Uni and showed off his forecasting packages in R.  They looked ridiculously simple to use (indeed it was almost a black box).  Ie, throw some data into his functions and watch it choose the best model and spit back out an accurate forecast.

The package did exponential smoothing, ARIMA, and box-cox forecasts.  Was really amazing, and will make some aspects of my job easy.

Rstudio also looked like a good R environment to work in.

Had the joy (sigh) of running a 99designs contest for a logo that I wanted to create for a sports club I play for.  99designs is a competition site, where you post a design brief and a prize, and designers compete for the prizemoney by submitting potential designs.  After 7 days or so you pick a winner.  It’s a site that has created justifiable angst in the design community:

And quite frankly the underlying mood of the contest (designer comments, etc) indicated some level of hostility/frustration.  Not a friendly environment to work in.  If you want something done, go see your local graphic designer.  That’s my advice.

Well I think I broached lots of topics here…until next time…

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